1st prize in the category “best film production” for our Erasmus “European History Moving” film!

We are a company of six 1st Lyceum students; six quite different individuals that developed a unique bond via an Erasmus project. The project that brought us together is titled: “European History Moving” and aims at introducing cinematography as a tool for teaching European History.

More so however, aims at allowing us to embrace our European origins and heritage, as members of a ‘large’ multi-cultural European family. We, as such, joined a cinematography competition, along with four more Erasmus Partner Schools: Gandhi School of Narni Italy, IES La Zafra School of Motril Spain, Jean Lurcat School of Perpignan France and Simeon Radev School in Pernik Bulgaria.

Our goal was to create a 5 min short film, and with ingenuity communicate, European values. We chose, solidarity, as manifested via the implications of the Maastricht Treaty of 1992. The entire process has been marked by so many turbulent phases. From the planning of our next step, to facing the devastating effects of covid-19. In short, we decided not to allow the difficulties to ‘break us’ and dishearten us. We instead re devised our plot and film production in virtual conditions. We developed a black satire comedy, in our effort to give out smiles to our audiences and help them forget the current grim reality. Irrespective of the difficulties, we had lots of fun sharing ideas about the scenario and production logistics. Our film scenario is about 5 EU leaders who debate on how to handle a major political challenge. A cyber-attack that came to disturb the ‘waters’ of a union of nations who pledged to uphold common values and in the face of an external threat, battled between national loyalties and those of the Union. Yet, irrespective of the challenges and limited resources available, tried to pass our message: “how can we ‘glue’ solidarity?” It was in essence, a valuable experience for all of us, because: we won the 1st prize in the category ‘best film production’ and more importantly, learned to adjust, endure, and find alternative solutions to problems posed. Perhaps, this is after all the most important value, that irrespective of adverse circumstances, life always finds a way!

Film Creators and Producers:
➢ Artemis Chaikali
➢ Mary Yue Li Ma
➢ Evaggelos Xylas
➢ John Tzortzatos
➢ Vassilis Trantalis
➢ Iasonas Anastasopoulos

Project advisors:
➢ Lina Tetradi
➢ Tanya Petratou