Panagiotis M. Papadopoulos
President of Platon School

Platon Schools were founded with profound faith in the high standard work of teachers and the great mission of the school.

The purpose of the function of our school is to establish comprehensive people with stable and sufficient knowledge, healthy and robust body, strong faith and love for humanistic ideals, noble virtues, and the greatest moral and spiritual values.

All this through upgraded and more qualitative education, from which the youth will be best possible equipped and in which the means necessary to achieve its purpose will be current, and training will be accurate and consistent to new global developments. It concerns an education where training is made smoothly and consistent towards a broad education.

The Greek child -endowed by nature- has all  the potential to excel in all fields, providing that he/she receives the appropriate education, aptly knowledge and information and the systematic engagement with whatever cultural and productive.

Our school is a dynamic school,open towards society and the challenges of the times, however, “closed” to the dangers that surround the youth. A school that offers multifaceted and flexible education, adapted to the requirements of modern times, in a friendly and family environment.