Platon World School welcomes all students regardless of gender, nationality, religious beliefs, physical, mental and learning disabilities.  However, it is absolutely important that candidate students fulfil the admissions criteria which will reflect their capacity to successfully complete a challenging curriculum as the IB Diploma Programme.

Candidate Students applying to Platon IB diploma should demonstrate elements of the IB learner profile. These features are assessed during an interview with the heads of the Diploma Departments and the DP Coordinator.

 Candidate students should demonstrate a sense of international mindedness and they should be aware of the basic philosophy of the IB Diploma programme. A sense of independence and carrier planning are mostly welcomed and will be assessed towards the final decision.

Admission process

Applications open every March. This is announced on the school’s website.

Candidate students should submit the following documents

  • Student application form, completed and signed by both the student and parent/guardian.
  • A recent passport size photo of the applicant.
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s identity card and or
  • Transcripts and grade reports of grades 9 to 10
  • Documentation pertaining to English language aptitude, more specifically Michigan and or Cambridge Proficiency certificates
  • Documentation pertaining to 9th and 10th grade academic awards, more specifically G.C.S.E and MYP certificates
  • Additional documentation reflecting students’ profile such as: language certificates, achievement awards, evidence of community service and recommendation letters
  • Art portfolios following instructions by the Visual Arts teacher (only for candidates interested in Visual Arts)
  • Applicants should submit documentation relating to possible differing learning needs or other disabilities.

Applications are screened by the IB Diploma Coordinator and the Heads of Department.

Applicants are interviewed in May by the IB Diploma Coordinator and the Heads of Department. During the interview candidates receive questions on:

  • Their carrier plan
  • Their choices of Diploma subjects
  • Their personal approach to the attributes of the IB learner profile.
  • Areas of knowledge and ways of knowing
  • Current news of international interests.

Upon completion of interviews the DP Coordinator and the heads of the Departments reach a final decision on the candidates admitted for the next academic year.

Final decisions regarding applicants are communicated to the Head of the school.

The Diploma Coordinator forwards a formal letter of acceptance either by post or email. Within 10 days applicants along with parents and guardians sign a registration contract, in which they declare to adhere to Diploma department’s rules and regulations.

The applicants place in the school is only secured when the contract has been signed and a deposit has been given to the Business department. With the former process complete an additional interview with parents/guardians and applicants’ is conducted, in order to conclude students’ subject specific choices.

Admission criteria

Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  1. Fluency in English (proficiency level attained) as
    1. certified by documentation pertaining to English language aptitude
    2. assessed by the Heads of the Language Department during the interview.
    3. Score in English language placement test conducted by the Diploma Department.

It is imperative that all students entering the IB Diploma programme hold the First Certificate in English at least, if not the Advanced or Proficiency Certificates. There also needs to be evidence of their good command of Modern Greek and any other language that they have studied.

Greek Lyceum 10th grade, great point average minimum level attained: 15 out of 20.

International educational institution 10th grade, great point average minimum level attained: C

Applications from students already expelled from other schools for:

  • Academic Honesty malpractice,
  • aggressive behaviour (bullying),
  • drag use

will NOT be considered at any stage of the application process.


In order to support excellence Platon School Diploma Programmes offers scholarships to students that will achieve an outstanding performance in written exams in the following subjects: Modern Greek language and literature, English language and literature and Mathematics.

Exams take place at Platon school premises on a date set by the administration of the School. The exams are open to students already attending the 10th grade of the Greek Lyceum or equivalent. The exam material is announced in due time so students may have time to prepare.

Platon school offers scholarships that cover 100% or 50% of the tuition fees. The number of scholarships is announced on a yearly basis by the school’s administration.