1. Platon was the first school in Greece that offers all 3 fully certified by the IBO academic programmes: P.Y.P (Primary Years Programme), M.Y.P (Middle Years programme) and the Diploma programme. Hence, Platon students are exposed from a very young age, to a different academic culture and a thorough bilingual programme.
  2.   All courses are taught by appropriately trained and experienced teachers, who possess the necessary ethos.
  3. Students are supported by the school to develop self independence and the confidence to tackle obstacles. This effort is strengthened by a number of strategies which include an academic diary and an individual support programme with a full range of counselling services. 
  4. 6 The programme operates with classes that have few students thus creating an academic oriented ‘family environment’. 
  5. 7Our University Counsellor, throughout the 2 year programme, provides guidance to all students in order to assist them in selecting universities for their studies abroad. 
  6. The School fully supports the use of technology since students are encouraged to use their laptops or iPads for class notes and assignments. Furthermore, interactive boards are extensively used by teachers; hence, implementing an environmentally friendly policy since the use of paper is substantially reduced. 
  7. Our school has facilities that include an indoor swimming pool, indoor basketball court, a football stadium and a well organized P.E. Dept. 
  8. You will find Platon fees very competitive.