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Introduce yourself to the IB Diploma learning principles that will assist you in developing the necessary skills to consistently achieve peak performance during your studies and beyond.

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  1. Learn the values and benefits of the IB Diploma programme
  2. Participate in introductory classes in a variety of subjects
  3. Get to know DP subjects and identify those that inspire you
  4. Experienced teachers will walk you through subject specific requirements, and help you maximize academic achievement by sharing valuable tips on how to prepare: lab reports, oral presentations, argumentative essays, Math skills, literary evaluations
  5. Introduce yourself to the core components of the Diploma: Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) and the Extended Essay
  6. Identify knowledge gaps that you need to emphasize upon during summer break, in view of joining the Diploma
  7. Understand the process of applying to universities abroad
  8. Discover and further explore transferable skills needed for the Diploma studies and beyond

Teaching staff

Platon faculty composes of experienced IB Diploma teachers, with many of them serving as, IB Diploma examiners and workshop leaders.

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Online Lessons

Class title   Teacher  
The structure of the IB Diploma programme 

Q&A for participants  

Dr. M. Kitsos  
Introduction to Theory of Knowledge   Mrs. T. Petratou 
Introduction to Creativity, Activity, Service   Mrs. A. Sakka 
English Language & Literature  Mrs. A. Sakka 
Modern Greek Language & Literature  Dr. Th. Chiotis  
Language B  Mrs. A. Sakka 
History and Global Politics   Mrs. T. Petratou  
Business & Economics   Mrs. A. Vyniou 
Psychology   Mrs T. Stathopoulou 
Physics  Dr. A. Efstathiou 
Chemistry  Dr. A. Makra 
Biology  Dr. A. Makra  
Computer Science    Mr. N. Giangos  
Mathematics   Dr. E Argyropoulou 
Environmental Systems and Societies   Dr. M. Kitsos  
Extended Essay – Approaches to Learning Skills   Mrs. T. Petratou 
Applying to universities abroad  Dr. Th. Chiotis  
Last meeting – Q&A  Dr. M. Kitsos