Art, a vital expression of the human soul, plays a primary role in the making of the humanist educational programmes we adopt and the reality of our school.

Visual Arts

Already since Preschool, in the context of the Reggio Emilia approach, the Atelier and the specialized arts teacher, the atelierista, are put in the epicentre of the educational process.

In the Atelier children expand their senses and imagination using their hands and minds to express themselves and create “beauty”.  All kinds of colours and original material, different every day, provide children with stimuli to create unique crafts and artworks.

The children’s artistic sensitivity is nurtured very carefully in all education levels by an experience-based approach to great artworks and their creators and, of course, by having children practice in traditional and contemporary ways of artistic expression that evolve along with technology.


In PLATON School we promote theatrical education in all education levels and not only in Preschool. We believe that the theatre, in its ancient-Greek sense, is a path to “healing” thoughts and emotions.

Theatrical education remains in the curriculum until the 4th grade level and students of all grades get the chance to participate and stand out in significant performances staged by our School drawn from the entire spectrum of the Greek and international repertoire.

Through their contact with the theatre, children explore human psychology and behaviour, get to know themselves, become familiar with the discipline required for a demanding preparation and get accustomed to reaching their fullest potential at the right time.


Music as a global, trans-world language is integrated into our children’s experiences from Preschool to help them evolve, express themselves, communicate and experience harmony and collaboration with their peers.

Using the most up-to-date systems for their first steps in music education and beyond, children first learn to love music, listen to music “creatively” and trust their own unique musical instruments: their voice and body. If they wish to, they may delve into the musical instruments of their choiceOur School’s choir has sung in notable musical performances and tributes to contemporary Greek composers who have honoured our students by showing their trust and by their presence.