Our School does not consider technology as an end in itself but as a means for the versatile development of our students’ thoughts, skills and personalities. We collaborate with teachers and research organizations worldwide to exchange experiences and become better every day.

Our children are familiarized with technology gradually and safely so that they are technologically literate to the extent required by their era and personal potential.

They start being introduced to technology smoothly from Nursery with interactive boards and, gradually, with more technological applications (the electronic platform for classes, wikis, etc) helping them to inquire, create and learn.

Our students also produce technology themselves in the context of various interdisciplinary projects and the School Clubs learning to:

  • imagine
  • innovate
  • develop their scientific, mathematical and design logic
  • put their ideas into practice
  • excel their given situation

The 1:1 iPad School

Platon School is one of the first Lighthouse Schools in Greece that collaborated with Apple to develop the 1:1 iPad Programme. Every child, especially in Middle School, receives a personal iPad provided by the school to work in class or at home. Students use them to read interactive books, explore resources from all over the world or create from a simple presentation to an app.

Platon School plays a leading role in the evolution of Apple’s worldwide 1:1 iPad Programme for education. Our teachers create interactive “books” based on the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education and the methodology of the IB Middle Years Programme which stand out from similar works from all over the world.