My teachers are getting trained…

Our school has introduced an important institution: the school Αdvisor. The work of the Advisor has clearly an educational and consultative character and aims in the pedagogic and academic guidance of all teachers. The Advisor collaborates with the school’s personnel for:

The successful application of the Ministry of Education academic programs
The implementation of the International Baccalaureate Programmes,
The planning and application of various teaching programs
The improvement and effective application of teaching methods
The creation and support of a suitable social and emotional atmosphere within the classroom and the school in general.

The afore mentioned objectives are achieved with:

The support of teachers and their work:
Strengths and possible weaknesses in the educational process are pointed out
Suitable measures and strategies are introduced for the resolution of problems
Issues that concern the application of the IBO programmes are discussed and resolved
Teachers are encouraged to develop initiatives that will lead to the improvement of their educational effort.
The training of teachers, based on the suggestions of the Advisor and those of the teachers, is drawn and executed with the following aims: the familiarization with the latest developments that have taken place in pedagogy and psychology, as well as teaching strategies. The adoption of the PYP and MYP Programmes, is a major academic initiative which aims towards the betterment of the learning and teaching process and introduces a more modern approach in dealing with education, based on international standards.

Attending IBO conferences and workshops, in Greece and abroad
2011-On Line Athens, Zurich, London
2010- On-Line Athens
2009- Zurich, Athens
2008 – Switzerland, Munich, Athens
2007 – Bucharest, Athens
2006 – Istanbul

4. Participation in educational forums and international competitions.