The activities of the school’s Support Center, concern two major areas, prevention and intervention in the form of counseling and evaluation. Both areas are of great importance and their effectiveness is based among other things, in the acceptance of the philosophy that a possible student dysfunctional behavior, constitutes the expression of dysfunction at a wider social spectrum, whether this is reported in the school environment or the family or a combination of the two. Our counseling services operate at this level and attempt to promote the cooperation of school and family. Our student support center, is open to parents, students and teachers.

Prevention concerns all services we provide, through which adjustment is better facilitated thus preventing the possible appearance of undesirable behaviors. Visits are organized by the school’s counselor to: the Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary school classes, in order to support the social and emotional adjustment of students, and to ease the work of the teachers. As for the older students in Primary and Middle school, they have the opportunity to visit our center on their own accord, to seek advice on issues of social, emotional or academic nature. At High school, however, as of 2008 we have already introduced adolescent support groups. Their objective is the preparation of adolescent students, through experiential processes, for their psychological and social maturation, in matters of personal and emotional growth. In order for prevention to be effective, frequent visits must take place by specialists originating from both public and private institutions, who are responsible for helping our students to increase self awareness, in social issues, self control, (drugs, alcohol, smoking), sexual education, food disorders, dependence from internet etc. At the same time, speeches with issues of general and special interest, are addressed mainly to parents.

Intervention, concerns the immediate and direct handling of possible psychological and emotional difficulties in school. We implement student evaluations at a cognitive, learning and emotional level. Furthermore, counseling services are offered to parents, students and teachers.

Communication with parents is a fundamental concern and in particular cooperation between parents, teachers the school’s counselor along with the specialist that is involved with the student.    

Wishing you a good and fruitful academic year!

School’s Counselor
Aliki Tagalaki, MSc