Sports in PLATON are integrated into a broader spectrum of knowledge and development of the body in absolute connection with the mind.

Children become conscious of their bodies and its potential. They learn to keep it healthy, improve it and expand its abilities through exercise and activities in nature, nutrition, habits and mentality.

From Preschool to the 6th grade level, swimming is part of the basic morning programme. The lesson takes place in all seasons in the School’s indoor pool and is taught by specialized coaches. It has multiple physical and psychological benefits.

The School’s indoor and outdoor sports facilities are appropriate for numerous team or individual activities. In line with their age and interests, children become familiar with the most popular sports and if they choose to, they may engage in certain sports more systematically.

Our teams

In PLATON School top-class sports are seen as training to accomplishing goals. Our athletes learn to go beyond themselves daily by surpassing both their internal and external boundaries. The aim, before and beyond victory, is enjoyment and the acquisition of skills that will help children make a difference in every aspect of their lives. Our athletes and teams rank first and succeed significant distinctions in children’s and adolescent championships making us proud for their ethos and performance.