Social awareness and volunteering

From day one, children in PLATON School are asked to make sense of themselves and their role initially in local and familiar contexts and then in the global society. In the framework of the International Baccalaureate Programme, in all education levels, yet also due to Greece’s humanitarian tradition, our students realize the responsibility we all have against our fellow-humans and the environment and the need to put this responsibility to action.

Children in PLATON are trained from the very beginning to propose their own solutions to social problems, after having examined all parameters, generate ideas and take the initiative to put them into practice with the School’s support.

Think for Good

Since 2016 our School has been hosting the Think for Good Annual Conference every year with a different topic. It aims at making children reflect on topical social and environmental issues, inquire and find new and original solutions to implement.

Children every year:

  • Become informed about the problem by experts, representatives of associations, agencies and volunteering organizations etc who are in position to communicate their knowledge or experience.
  • After the event, in class, they discuss, process ideas and solutions beyond the established ones, evaluate them and select the most popular.
  • Present their (ingenious yet also realistic and effective) ideas as a class before all the school’s students who vote for final list of actions.
  • The actions to be implemented are prioritized and scheduled within a time span of one year.

Think for Good actions organized and implemented by the children themselves from all grade levels are ethically and practically supported by the School and the Association of Parents and Guardians who is always dynamically present in the School’s social actions.

The parents’ support and example is truly invaluable to raise our students’ awareness on social concerns! The entire PLATON community –students, teachers, collaborators and parents- makes up a powerful and dynamic volunteering nucleus that takes action every time fellow-humans, the earth or any other living creature needs our solidarity and care.