Regulations concern students’ performance and behavior.

Students must:

  •     Pay attention in class.
  •     Complete work assigned in class and homework.
  •     Take all tests.
  •     Arrive on time to class.
  •     Must respect the rights of the other students by NOT interrupting the class in any way.
  •     Immediately comply with teacher’s directions.

Students must attend classes regularly and deliver the required work on time. In case of absences it is the student’s responsibility to find out what lessons have been taught in order to make up the work promptly. Particular care will be taken in cases of extended absence. For absences exceeding three or more days parents are requested to inform the school in writing. The IBO will be informed and a medical certificate stating the reason for the extended absence may be required.

Behavior and Manners

Students must observe the dress code.

Dress must be appropriate for school.

Decorations, designs, mottoes, symbols, or words may not appear either on clothing or on the skin conveying messages that are crude, vulgar, profane, violent, or sexually explicit or that reference items that are illegal in general or illegal specifically for underage students, such as tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs.
    Undergarments must not show
    Midriff must be covered and strapless upper garments may not be worn
    Hats are not permitted indoors.
    Piercing on the face is not permitted.

Students violating the spirit of the dress code will be asked to make the necessary changes.

Students must respect the rights and properties of others.

    Do not chew gum.
    Belongings should be stored in your closet. You are responsible for your valuables. The school assumes no responsibility for lost items.
    Students should come prepared for all activities. It is the responsibility of the student to bring the proper supplies and/or equipment.
    Students must be on time.
    Work must be handed in on time. If for any reason more time is required, teachers must be notified in advance.
    Physical, verbal or psychological abuse in any form is not permitted.
    Students are obligated to demonstrate respect for all cultures and cultural differences.
    Bathrooms and changing rooms are to be used properly and left clean and tidy for others.

Students must respect the School Grounds and their environment.

    Smoking and alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited.
    School property is to be respected at all times, classrooms are to be kept clean and tidy.
    Students will not abuse the use of computers.
    Mobile phones are not permitted in school.
    Students will dispose of rubbish in the bins provided.
    Walk on the right side of corridors and stairs.
    Do not run!

Academic Honesty

All student work and answers to tests should belong solely to the student. This means that every time a student uses the words or ideas of another, the source must be cited.

At Platon School students run the risk of being expelled if caught in the following acts:

    Plagiarism:  work (ideas or words) of another cannot be presented as your own idea.
    Collusion:  students are not to assist another student’s dishonest behavior. In other words, students are not allowed to share work or allow others to submit original work under a different name.
    Multiple Submissions:  the same assignment cannot be presented twice i.e. for two different classes.
    Students may not resort to any form of copying.
    Unauthorized aids are not to be brought to exams.
    Students should not demonstrate inappropriate behavior or data malpractice.

Every source you use in your work must be cited, be it book, CD-ROM, website, etc. or for photos or images that do not belong to you.

Procedures for dealing with fraudulent or dishonest behavior

1.The first time a student is caught cheating or plagiarizing the work receives a zero. The offense is recorded in a special register.

2.The second time a student is caught the work receives a zero and an official letter including the contract with the school is sent to the parents in the form of a reminder. The student is placed on academic probation. All work submitted within the next 30 days is supervised and monitored by a teacher.

3.If there is a third occurrence, the student is expelled from the school.


During an exam or test there is no warning or second chance. The IBO is informed and the student runs the risk of expulsion.

Please be aware that the IBO conducts random checks of candidate work to determine if it is original or if plagiarism has occurred. A special computer program which scans work is used for this purpose. Students who are caught are automatically rejected.