Attending Primary School at Platon means:

Helping  children develop both academically and socially, through the implementation of the IB Primary Years Programme (ages 3 – 11),

  • teaching students “how to learn”,
  • to instill the desire in students to find their own solutions to problems,
  • to develop critical thinking skills, 
  • to creating a sense of membership in the community and the world

School life includes the Arts (drama), Physical Education (sports), Environmental Awareness, Volunteer work, and other extracurricular activities. Our students become actively involved and experience the joy of creating and building skills that will serve to meet future requirements.  In addition, students have more free time at home because most activities are completed on school grounds.

Cooperating in a team

One of the greatest teaching movements of the late 20th century is the collaborative learning movement. One of its dominant feature is the use of student groups to conduct all or part of teaching and learning activities. The school teacher is no longer at the center, rather students form bonds and relationships in their student groups. This method of teaching upholds that the actual teaching is just as important as the content. Knowledge is gained through cooperation and not competition.  Platon School promotes this as a basic goal.  Furthermore, Platon School in collaboration with the IB progamme assists students to overcome their personal boundaries and develop communication skills which will gradually leads to personal growth and fulfillment.

Enriched Program of Study

At Platon School students have more hours of instruction per week compared to the Ministry of Education core curriculum (+10 hours in First and Second grade, +5 hours in Third grade, +7 in Fourth grade, and +5 hours in the Fifth and Sixth grades). The School also offers a choice of either swimming, gymnastics or mini tennis.

  • English is introduced in Grade 1.
  • Computer Lesson from Grade 1.
  •  A choice of either French or German as another foreign language is introduced in Grade 3.
  • Afternoon study groups.  
  • Intensive Foreign Language Groups (up to 11 hours) and Bilingual Groups (up to 15 hours) are also available.

The bilingual student is taught the same amount of hours for English as for Greek by an English speaking teacher. The PYP Programme of Inquiry (Projects – Presentations – Library) is implemented in English, while those students of the National/Greek program work in their native language. In order to develop a proper curriculum for the Platon School Bilingual Program our school based its framework on international research for bilingual education.

Attending the Bilingual Programme means:

I do 2 – 3 hours of English every day with native English speaking teachers!
I learn English through games and work as if it were my native language!
I meet the requirements of the compulsory program of the Greek Ministry of Education in Greek!
I don’t have more hours added to my normal schedule. My schedule remains 8:30 to 14:30!
I am done with my homework by 16:15!