Since December 2016 PLATON School has its own Planetarium-Observatory equipped with the most technologically advanced infrastructure which makes it comparable to the actual observatories it was inspired from in Greece and abroad.

The specially-formed space, with a “smart” dome that opens, allows children to watch projections in the day and observe the starry sky at night…

The Planetarium-Observatory is a space for research and knowledge-generation on many diverse fields: cosmography and astronomy, astrophysics, physics, chemistry, mathematics, philosophy, sociology, etc. It directs the students’ interests towards the next giant leap of humankind and its civilization.

Our collaboration with the Eugenides Foundation of Athens was only the first step to make PLATON the centre of a scientific, philosophical and educational debate. It is expected that in our century humans will settle in Mars in our pursuit to provide solutions to financial and social impasses. Our children become familiar with the future in an experiential way, a fascinating imaginary journey to the stars aiming to conquer scientific knowledge and also achieve intellectual, emotional and social growth.