PLATON School has always been at the forefront of the MYP in Greece. Our School endorses its ideal framework to offer children an education based upon fundamental principles which continuously evolves in order to meet the demands of a constantly changing world.

The MYP:

  • sets strict learning goals;
  • places learners in the heart of the learning process;
  • provides international opportunities;
  • caters for all children’s needs;
  • provides teaching and learning in more than one languages incessantly;
  • focuses on “learning how to learn”;
  • nurtures flexible thinking preparing learners to critically evaluate information and apply their acquired knowledge into unknown and complex situations;
  • familiarizes learners with lifelong learning tools; and
  • teaches young people to utilize knowledge and act upon principles.

The MYP incorporates the ΙΒ Continuum philosophy adapted to the developmental needs of Middle School learners laying the ideal foundations so that they attend the ΙΒ Diploma Programme successfully.

Our School, making use of the ideas and practices of the MYP, stays connected to society and technology in its aim at being the heart of ongoing learning, genuine concern, inspiration and inquiry.

Here, children:

  • learn how to inquire and identify knowledge feeling confident;
  • learn mostly through practice inside and outside the classroom;
  • understand a process from its conception to its implementation;
  • live through their social role, work out solutions for social concerns and take action; and
  • utilize interactive iBooks to inquire knowledge via new technologies, such as applications, interactive maps and plentiful audiovisual material.