The Personal Project is the culmination of the MYP experience: It is a very important project conducted over the course of a year. Being the outcome of the student’s own initiative it should reflect her/his interests and wishes. Through this project, students apply the skills they have developed in order to complete an extended, original work. It is a great opportunity for students to create and also to present all they have accomplished throughout their school years.

The Personal Project allows students to:

  • deploy and demonstrate their potential and the necessary skills to produce and present this project;
  • commit to personal goals, assume action and reflect upon specific topics;
  • focus on and present what they have grasped through the Global Contexts;
  • render an ultimate account of the knowledge, concepts and perspectives they learnt and shared.

Children, in order to express themselves freely and effectively, have numerous options on what form their personal project will take. It may be

  • an original work of art (figurative art, a theatrical play, a performance, etc);
  • a topic-specific essay (literary, social, psychological, anthropological, etc);
  • a piece of literary fiction (creative writing);
  • an original scientific experiment / research;
  • an invention or a specially-designed object or system;
  • the presentation of an enterprise, its management or organizational plan;
  • the organization and presentation of an event, etc. (for instance, an event on entrepreneurship or concerning organization within the community, a special happening, etc).

All Personal Projects must:

  • be developed and completed approximately within a time span of one year;
  • be the result of the students’ initiative, creativity and ability to be inspired, organize and produce;
  • reflect the student’s special interests, hobbies, special abilities or concerns about particular issues;
  • focus on a topic or area which will be presented by the student.

The Personal Project must not:

  • be part of any other previously assessed coursework;
  • have a negative impact on children and parents’ personal and social lives nor interfere with the students’ progress in other classes, although it is time-consuming;
  • be restricted to any specific subject;
  • be University-level.

A Personal Project includes:

  • a process journal
  • a report
  • an outcome/product
  • exhibition

What are the Personal Project Assessment Criteria?

  • Investigating
  • Planning
  • Applying skills