Upon completion of the MYP Bilingual Programme students may wish to be certified with the ΙΒ MYP Certificate through eΑssessment (ePortfolios and on-screen examination). The ΙΒ MYP Certificate is an international qualification certifying their level of academic achievement.

The MYP Certificate requires that students have excelled in a versatile manner and is an important asset for the admission of students in the most prominent universities abroad with or without the ΙΒ Diploma.

In 2015 the students of PLATON School were the first to be awarded the MYP Certificate in Greece.

Apart from requisite knowledge students, in order to succeed in the MYP Certificate examinations, should also have acquired a broad range of skills, such as critical, analytical and synthetic thinking, imagination and the ability for solution generation in many different areas of concern and interest. Students are assessed by specialized examiners from all over the world.

Assessment for the MYP Certificate

The students’ eAssessment includes international on-screen examinations and the submission of ePortfolios in all eight MYP subject groups. Students are also assessed for their Personal Project by external examiners. All examinations are in English and the material to be assessed must be in English as well.

The MYP Certificate eAssessment components

On-screen examinations in:

  • Mathematics
  • Language and Literature
  • Sciences
  • Individuals and Societies
  • Interdisciplinary Studies

ePortfolios in:

  • Foreign Language Acquisition (given that the MYP Certificate is English, any other language is considered “foreign”, including Greek)
  • Physical and Health Education, Arts or Design

The MYP Personal Project

The MYP Certificate also requires that students have participated in Service as Action organized, supervised or supported by the school.