TsaggariThe Middle Years Programme (MYP) is aimed at students from Grade 6 to Grade 10. Teenagers’ creative abilities and critical thinking skills are at their peak. Students begin to understand what they will need in their later life. Therefore, if their educational system is disconnected from society and technological advancements, they quickly lose interest and do not understand the vital role that formal education plays in one’s life.
The MYP precisely deals with this; the school functions as a direct link between society and technology.

It is the teachers’ responsibility to bring everyday issues into the classroom, to prepare topics for research, and to organize interdisciplinary projects. This is furthermore connected to technology and our school as an Apple Lighthouse School. Both students and teachers have adequate means for their research, including a library, a media center, computers, e-platform, wikis, the ipads, and smart boards.

The MYP inspires students to love knowledge, limits sterile by rote learning, allows time for creativity, original thinking, and research. It is the educational programme of the new era.

Maria Tsaggari
MYP Coordinator

Νίκος Καβουρίνος Διευθυντής Γυμνασίου

Nikos Kavourinos
Junior High school Director

Platon School is both family orientated and internationally aware. Students are treated as unique individuals, each one with his own needs, preferences and skills. Platon School fosters personal growth and encourages students to discover their individuality. The ultimate aim is to provide students with knowledge, spiritual, and moral skills. These skills will assist them in establishing strong interpersonal relationships and to become strong members in an ever changing and challenging society.

Priority is given to strong communication and cooperation between parents-teachers-students.

Our program follows international guidelines. We implement international programs and abide by international teaching methods, integrating them into the main program of the Ministry of Education.
The implementation of these programs helps our students develop cognitive skills, psychosocially, ethically and spiritually. In this way we support our students enabling a smooth transition into puberty. We aid them through this period to discover their natural inclinations and the professions they may be successful in, while at the same time acquiring a clear picture of the market.

By the end of their first year of Lyceum they will have attained enough support and knowledge to make the proper choices for the last two years of Lyceum. These choices will in turn lead into their later academic success in both Greek and Foreign Universities.

Nikos Kavourinos
Junior High-School Director