MYP Circle Greek

The Middle Years Programme is one of the three educational levels created by the IB organization. The International Baccalaureate® (IB) was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1968 as a non-profit educational foundation. The IB founders were teachers from different countries who envisioned a program that prepared students to live, study, and eventually work in a globalized world. Carrying forward the ideals and dreams of the IB founders, the organization currently exists to provide high quality education for a better world. IB programmes are currently implemented in 3,291 schools in 141 countries. About 1,000,000 students benefit from the PYP (Primary Years Programme), MYP (Middle Years Programme) and the Diploma Programme (DP) which is recognized as a qualification for admission to most universities around the world.

The IB Middle Years Programme or MYP for short provides a framework of academic challenges for students between 11 and 16 years of age. Students are asked to make connections between information taught in the classroom and everyday life. The program is designed for active learning. Students are encouraged to proactively discover knowledge. An IB teacher does not merely relay the lesson at hand but aids the student through the educational process which in this case upholds that critical thinking skills along with the importance of understanding controlling, and manipulating cognitive functions leads students down many “paths” of knowledge. The ultimate aim is that the student acquires skills that will enable him or her to learn how to learn and be a lifelong learner.