Platon School bears the name of the great Greek philosopher, Plato. Plato’s thought reformed philosophical tradition and strongly influenced the philosophical currents of our time.


Our School’s history begins in September of 1969 with the establishment of a Nursery and Primary School in a beautiful restored neoclassical house in Psychico, Athens.

Our first year beautifully marks the beginning of a promising future full of dreams and educational perspectives. Caring for children was and is, to this day, our main driving force.

. . .


This along with our unique presence in the field of education was rapidly rewarded

In 1977 Platon School starts the Gymnasium.

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In 1979 with the support of so many families loyal to us, we moved to our own educational facilities in Stavros. We quickly became the jewel of the region.

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In 1981 we began the operation of our Lyceum.

Our students’ love of art and culture and their high academic achievement marked by successful entries into institutions of higher education make Platon stand out once more.

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Our efficient teachers and staff, who strive for excellence and welcome enthusiasm, serve the educational needs of our students.

Our aim is to inspire them to become well – rounded individuals and citizens of the world while upholding the values and ideals of the Greek culture.