In PLATON School the physical and mental health of our students and of the whole community as well has always been and still is a priority. In this challenging period, the entire school community has managed to adopt and implement the strictest measures for the protection against the COVID-19 virus and, if needed, the management of confirmed cases.

PLATON strictly observes the health protocols issued by State Authorities. Our COVID-19 Team -in close collaboration with the School Administration- is responsible for the School’s compliance with all guidelines issued by the Government and the competent authorities to prevent transmission and also the introduction of additional preventive measures.

Our School’s COVID-19 Case Managers are the Principles.

Management of confirmed cases

In the event of a suspicious or confirmed case, whether it is a student, teacher, collaborator, or their contacts, the COVID-19 Manager of the Level is IMMEDIATELY informed IN PERSON!

The Head of the School Unit contacts the National Public Health Organization to ask for epidemiological investigation and contact tracing.

The concerned children’s parents/guardians are IMMEDIATELY notified by the School by text (SMS) to the mobile phone number provided and receive update emails about the School’s decisions and the actions taken per case.

Lastly, all surfaces from where the case passed through are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Prevention measures

The spaces of our School are disinfected repeatedly during the day, in recesses and after the end of the school day, according to all necessary specifications for effectiveness and safety. Thoroughly disinfected are also all shared items before and after every use and the school buses after every run.

All spaces of the School are constantly ventilated.

All students over the age of 4, teachers and employees must wear protective masks in indoor and outdoor spaces and also in the school buses.

Students come to school when totally healthy without any symptoms.

The temperatures of students transferred with school buses are measured by the attendant before boarding. Students may board only if their temperature is below 37.3 οC and after they disinfect their hands with an antiseptic solution. School buses run with their windows open.

Students who come to School on their own are accompanied by their parents only to the gate. Parents are not allowed inside the School.

Before entering class, children disinfect their hands with an antiseptic solution.

Overcrowding is avoided in any part of the School by using many alternative hallways to enter and leave its premises, scheduling recessing at different intervals and implementing specific arrangements in the canteens.

Teaching takes place in the classroom and also in our School’s outdoor, properly formed, spaces. All classes are taught daily also in outdoor spaces to decrease the time spent by students inside the classroom.

Afternoon sports activities are held according to sports protocols and the guidelines issued by the National Public Health Organization (EODY).

Absence due to common illness and return to School

Students who are absent for health reasons return after finishing their treatment and after a 24-hour period without receiving any treatment and without having any symptoms. Returning students are accepted only with a Medical Doctor’s Certificate of a diagnosis other than for COVID-19.

Alternatively, they may show the result of a recent PCR test.

In case a student is absent for non-medical reasons, he/she returns with a relevant note signed by the parent.

Management of suspicious cases

If a student shows symptoms compatible with the COVID-19 infection while in school:

  • We communicate with the family so that the student is picked up immediately
  • We isolate the student in a designated supervised and well-ventilated space away from all other students
  • We clean and disinfect the space and surfaces after the student leaves
  • If his/her attending doctor judges that the student shows symptoms compatible with the COVID-19 infection, a PCR test is conducted and the set-out process per case is followed.

The same procedure is observed also in the case of employees who are to leave the school premises immediately in case of symptoms.


(from the National Public Health Organization/EODY Guidelines for School Units)

Symptoms compatible with the COVID-19 infection as mentioned in the relevant National Public Health Organization/EODY updates

The most common COVID-19 infection symptoms in children are:

  • fever
    • cough

Other symptoms that may appear are:

  • difficulty breathing, shortness of breath
    • muscle pain
    • shiver
    • headache
    • fatigue
    • sore throat
    • loss of taste and/or smell
    • nausea/vomiting
    • stomach-ache, diarrhoea
Clinical criteria to consider a child a suspicious COVID-19 case

At least one of the symptoms below:
– fever (T>37.50oC) with or without other symptoms
– cough – with or without fever
– shortness of breath – with or without fever
– sudden loss of taste and/or smell – with or without fever
– gastrointestinal symptoms (diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach-ache) – with or without fever


Absence of a different diagnosis