Community work is an important axis and an integral part of MYP. It promotes understanding, citizenship, cooperation, team spirit, volunteerism, as it emphasizes the harmonious coexistence and respect among peoples of the world.

The fundamental principles of this axis are:

  •     For students to understand, that they are members of a community (family, school, city, country, the world), where are called to coexist in harmony.
  •     To inform them about the work and existence of various institutions which operate on a volunteer basis.
  •     To increase awareness and express their views, about major social issues.
  •     To feel that they are valuable members of the community and to take responsibility for their actions through voluntary, team or individual, work.
  •     To participate to at least two activities and inter thematic projects within the school program, complementing these, depending on their level, with the following extracurricular hours of community work:

ΜΥP 1        6th grade                  10 hours
ΜYP 2-3     7th and 8th grade     20 hours
MYP 4        9th grade                  30 hours
MYP 5        10th grade                50 hours