At Platon Schools we implement, with great success, a Bilingual Programme in Greek & English, which is unique in Greece. The students who attend it do not simply learn to use English as a native language alongside Greek, but also acquire a versatile, Greek and English education.


What is the Bilingual Programme?

Children, from preschool through high school, experience the creative process of learning in balance both languages, Greek & English. Always through practices and tools offered through the educational systems adopted by our schools; the Reggio Emilia and International Baccalaureate.


Why is the Bilingual Programme unique in Greece?

Schooling at Platon is truly bilingual! It is designed and implemented based on the findings of the most recent pedagogical research.

  • Teachers of all levels, who teach English, have English as their mother tongue (native speakers).
  • The learning procedure in English, as well as in Greek, evolves through two parallel and complementary approaches: “Learning the Language” and 2. “Learning with the Language”.


  1. Learning the Language

Students are taught the structure of the English language -vocabulary, syntax, grammar- and cultivate basic skills, such as oral communication, listening and reading comprehension and written expression.


  1. Learning with the Language

Children are taught in the English language other subjects, such as Music, Art, Computer Science, Physical Education, Mathematics, History and Natural Science. All the interdisciplinary units of the International Baccalaureate at all education levels are completed in English, too. The students explore and create, individually and in groups, and present their work to the wider school community.

  • Children at our school are taught how to be world citizens, how to comprehend and respect the culture, customs and traditions of other societies. Throughout the Bilingual Programme they participate in important international celebrations, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day and more, and of course they come into contact with the country and its people.


How is the Bilingual Programme structured for each educational level?

Children are taught English:

in Early Years Programme, in Pre-K and Kindergarten – 3 hours per day.

In Elementary, at Middle School and Grade 10 – 15 hours per week

(partial immersion programme).

After Grade 10 students select the IB Diploma, in order to study abroad or the Tutorial Program for Pan-Hellenic examinations.


To which language certification does this programme lead to?

The primary objective of this programme is for the children to experience English, in the same way they do Greek. But the experiential approaches “Learning the Language” and “Learning with the Language” naturally lead to “Being Certified in the Language”.

Our students are fully prepared for their participation in language certification exams, such as the ones set by the University of Cambridge, University of Michigan and more. The preparation is seamlessly integrated throughout the learning process, in order for the children not to perceive the exam as an end in itself.

In 2015, our students were the first in Greece to complete the IB Middle Years Programme, and be certified with the MYP Certificate, after being evaluated for their overall performance in a wide cognitive range and were scored by independent examiners of IB schools from abroad. All the tests were conducted in English.

The MYP Certificate, which is recognized as an essential asset by most major universities internationally, is another type of certification for the level of the English language, recognized worldwide, which our students are conquering.

Trilingual Programme

Our students attending the Bilingual Programme have the opportunity from Grade 1 to come into contact with a third language, initially through games, hands on activities, songs, theatre, multimedia etc, in order to gradually develop the written and oral speech.

Today, at our schools apart from Greek and English, French, German, Chinese and Arabic are being taught.

Multilingualism and multiculturalism are at the core of the philosophy of Platon Schools, as well as the IB Programme. With the social needs and our students’ choices as the point of reference, we open up our School to all the world’s languages, aiming to constantly enrich their curriculum.