The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme IB Diploma Programme is a challenging, yet balanced two year programme, open to any student aged 16-19. The Diploma programme prepares students for entry to the best universities all over the world. However, the Diploma is not just a university preparatory programme; it helps students develop skills, understand their own identity and culture, and enable them to communicate with and understand people from other countries and cultures. Each of the IB Programme’ including the DP, aims at the development of students based on the attributes described in the IB learner profle

An international programme with an international recognition

As of 22 May 2015, there are 2,795 schools offering the DP, in 143 different countries worldwide. The Diploma Programme. The Diploma is recognised by the words leading universities in the world. Diploma students apply to more than 3,300 higher education institutions each year in close to 90 countries. More information on the international recognition of the Diploma can be found in the official IBO site. 

A curriculum fully equivalent with the Greek Apolytirion

The IB Diploma Programme is fully equivalent with the Greek Apolytirion. Students interested in attaining the equivalency should attend additional courses (Modern Greek Language and Greek History) following the Greek National Curriculum. Equivalency is awarded upon successful completion of these courses at the end of 11th and 12th grade. 

The IB Diploma at Platon School

Our vision for the Diploma Programme is reflected in our mission statement 

Platon school’s mission is to support students’ academic journey from childhood to adolescence in a safe and nurturing environment empowered by modern technologies, designed to accommodate different learning styles.

Our goal is to cultivate international mindedness and a sense of global citizenship by building national and international curricula in a truly bilingual environment which foster academic freedom, intellectual diversity, experimentation and technological advancements. We aspire to develop inquiring life-long learners who seek and define themselves, pursue their dreams guided by values, become knowledgeable, yet caring and balanced so as to experience personal success and help to create a better world.

The Diploma Programme was introduced in 2011 and it keeps growing since then. Platon Diploma graduates have been accepted to universities in the U.K., Canada and U.S as listed below 

University of Toronto, Canada; University of Kent, U.K.; Glasgow Caledonian, U.K.; Kingston University, U.K.; Queen’s University Belfast, U.K; University of Cardiff, UK; University of Leicester, UK;  University of Reading, U.K.;  University of East Anglia, U.K.; University of Essex, U.K.; 14. Aerospace Engineering, Swansea University, U.K.; Suffolk University, U.S.A

More information on the Diploma can be found on the official IBO site 

The Platon IB Diploma Brochure can be found here

Click here for the General  Regulations governing the IB Diploma Programme